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Logitech Provided design and verification services and Customized IP cores spanning three webcam products starting from Logitech's first webcam product. LogiTech is the market leader in webcams. The services included USB, licensing digital video compression IP, design, verfication, and FPGA prototyping.
AMD Provided services to Chromatic, Inc which was acquired by ATI and which in turn was acquired by AMD. The services included Didplay processor modelling in PERL and verification of the display processor functionality and timing.
Centillium Provided design services for USB 2.0 ethernet controller using a preexisting USB core, AAL5 packetization. Verification services includede memory bus artibitration, controller, Multichannel VOIP controller for various voice standards.
Cypress Provided Specification to prototyping service and licensed Transparent Generic Framing Protocol (TGFP) mapper core. The mapper/demapper multiplexes/demultiplexes 2-fibre channels or 2 Gigabit ethernet channels or one Gigabit and one fiber channel streams into TGFP stream.
Micron Provided verification services to automotive sensor processing chip. Services included sensor data processing, white balancing, LVDS channel mutiplexing. Also provided verification services for NTSC/PAL digital video out.
Micronas Provided services to Wis Chip International which was later acquired by Micronas. Proided architecture, design, verification, firmware services to multi-standard video encoder SoC supporting JPEG/ MPEG1/MPEG2/MPEG4 ISO video compression standards. The chip is an enhancement from a hard-wired encoder to SoC using multiple MIPS cores.
AMD Provided services to ATI, Inc which was later acquired by AMD. The services included writing high-perforamnce memory memodels, verification of high performance memory architecture, interupt controller etc.,
Pixim Provided design service for high-speed pixel assembly pipeline for High definition camera sensor for FPGA protyping. Also provided verfication services for some of the image processing pipeline.
xilient Provided verfication services for digital I/O capture pipeline, DMA engine and several image transforms and qauntization modules required multi-standard digital video compression methods.


Provided services ranging from boot image MIPS firmware mapping, development and boot code and functional verifcation for SoCs.







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